Thursday, January 28, 2016

The Ultimate EDM Record Label Distributor: Labelworx

So you're ready to form a Dance Music Record Label and get your music into the hands of the top DJ's in the world and dominate Beatport? OK, maybe that's an oversimplification of a pretty serious business venture, but then again, with Labelworx and some really solid music this dream could come true.

Labelworx is a service out of the UK that is the ultimate end to end specialty shop for EDM record labels. Not only do they offer music distribution to every Dance Music retail outlet that matters, but they have plenty of other tools and experience to promote your record label brand to the EDM community. With names like Gareth Emery, Richie Hawton, Darude, Nervous Records, Eric Morillo, Harry Romero, Christopher Lawrence, Louie Vega ... you get the point, you can tell that Labelworx is all about the dance floor. More than distribution, they offer the following:

  • Promoworx - A service for sending music to DJ's and getting reports
  • Royaltyworx - An accounting service to help you pay multiple artists and remixers their fair share of royalties.
  • Mix and Master Services - By engineers that specialize in the sound of Dance Music
  • Demoworx - A demo management service for A&R
  • Web Design Services - The have great web designers that have an eye for the EDM market.
  • Vinyl, CD and Merchandise Production and Management

Labelworx covers a lot of ground and is meant for the serious EDM label only. Their main competitors are Symphonic Distribution and MondoTunes and I'll get deeper into those comparisons in future articles. The bottom line is this ...

Labelworx delivers to over 100 retailers. The list is jaw dropping. All of the usual suspects like iTunes, Spotify and Amazon, but the not so common EDM specialists like Juno Download, Beatport, and more. There are no setup fees and you do not pay for UPC or ISRC codes. Labelworx has commission rates as low as 5% according to this document. I've heard that around15% commission is the norm, but Labelworx is pretty mysterious about the percentage, but they encourage you to contact them on a case by case basis.

In future articles, I'll be comparing Label Worx to Symphonic Distribution and Mondo Tunes, a couple of other services that pay close attention to the EDM market.


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