Friday, January 29, 2016

Chaka Khan inks deal with Mondo Tunes

This is a huge score for Mondo Tunes, teaming up with music legend Chaka Khan. This deal brings an entirely new level of name recognition to Mondo Tunes by distributing the music of a Grammy Award Winner.

Mondo Tunes is a subscription based distribution service that will distribute an unlimited amount of an artists music for $39.99 per year and they claim to take a 0% commission. As I have said in the past, the subscription based online music distribution services like Tunecore, Mondo Tunes, Reverb Nation and Distrokid are great services for the active musician. If you're not constantly releasing and marketing music, watch out, because the subscription fees could eat up all of your profits if you are only a part time artist. Obviously for Chaka Khan, this will not be an issue, because she will sell and stream thousands of copies are her upcoming single "I Love Myself"

Mondo Tunes also offers Music Video Distribution services (for a one time fee of $249), Press Releases and a ton of other marketing programs. They may have more retail partners than any other company in the world because they use the same digital distribution as Universal Music Group. If you distribute your music on Mondo Tunes, your music will be virtually in every retail outlet that sells music online.


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