Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Rdio goes bankrupt and Pandora buys a chunk

The former online streaming service Rdio has gone bankrupt. I guess they couldn't compete with Pandora, iTunes radio, Jango and all of the other streaming services out there. I liked their concept and name when I first discovered them. I uploaded a compilation of songs to cdbaby back in 2012 for my music group, "303infinity." I earned some royalties ($0.24) over a two year period. Other online outlets were paying 100 times that per quarter, so either it wasn't a very popular station for EDM or it just wasn't very popular. According to billboard, Pandora is buying up some of the leftover assets from Pandora to help create a new Premium subscription service.

Check out this billboard article for more info.

A link to Rdio's farewell message.

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